PILI KULINARYA (Regional Launch of Pili Recipes), Nov. 29, 2011, Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City

Pilinut Recipes Developed by Via Mare

The pili nut (as Bicol Region’s flagship commodity) has every reason to be considered a premium nut. Its taste qualities have proven acceptance by the most discerning of consumers, both Filipinos and other nationalities. Its health benefits are at par with other nuts now successfully riding on the popular healthy snacking trend that showed rising nuts consumption for the past five (5) years. Further, its unique crop survival in challenging tropical climatic conditions makes it an interesting conversation piece for a growing consumer market that seeks value -for-purchase deals. The pili nut, thus, deserves to be in any retail shelf along with other commercially-available nuts.

Adjunct to promotion and marketing of pili nut retail snack products, the nut’s potentials in culinary application were similarly explored. In a collaborative effort with the famous Via Mare Restaurants (a restaurant chain that has served a wide array of discriminating clientele, including Presidential and diplomatic dinners with different nationalities, and has staged thematic food festivals in foreign countries), DTI-5 has developed pili nut recipes as a component of its continuing BIZDEV program.  Such recipes include pili nut application in the menu fare, and are envisioned to form part of the region’s food service industry, namely, the hotels and restaurants which enjoy brisk business with the growing tourism industry and local patronage.

The pili nut, thus, gains recognition as a valuable contributor to the region’s economic agenda, as it is fittingly launched through the PILI KULINARYA event on November 29, 2011 at Villa Caceres Hotel in Naga City.

Overall Objective

To promote Chosen Pili as Bicol’s regional brand in the medium to high-end market through the conduct of regional launch of pili nut recipes to the local patrons, food service industry and institutions catering to regional tourism promotion.

Specific Objectives

·    To promote and create awareness among consumers and institutional clientele of the various newly-developed culinary recipe concoctions from pili nut in a snack and luncheon event on November 29, 2011;
·    To drum up awareness and ownership of the Chosen Pili brand as the umbrella program for promotion and marketing of the region’s premium nut in  regional, national and international markets;
·    To create a business focus network that can identify market potentials of pili nut as a cuisine ingredient; and,
·    To jump start a long-term promotional program for an emerging niche market for pili nut in the culinary /food service industry.

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