OKB-Gayon Bikol 2011 Generates PhP17 M Sales

Mrs. Rowena Domingo leads Ribbon Cutting


OKB-GAYON BICOL 2011:  Our Tradition continues, Our Heritage goes on.

Promoting Green Trade and Creating Markets

On its 15th year, OKB-Gayon Bicol, the longest running regional trade fair in the entire country, joined the world in promoting green trade.  With the theme, “GREEN! Naturally, Responsibly, Sustainably,” it showcased distinct products which were naturally pro-environment; responsibly using indigenous and organic materials for sustainable industry. Products include wearables, processed food, houseware, furniture  and health and wellness.

“Orgullo Kan Bikol” has since evolved into “OKB” – a fitting name to a project which has transformed Bicolano MSMEs into direct and indirect exporters, contributing significantly to the region’s socio-economic growth.

The OKB-Gayon Bicol Regional Trade Fair indeed has gone a long, long way. And every step of the way it has made its over-reaching goal to market the distinct products of our homegrown entrepreneurs in the national and international market

Reaping the Fruits

OKB-Gayon Bicol is now reaping its fruits.

In terms of sales, some P131.2 million pesos were generated since its inception which in many ways perked up the business transactions in the region. This figure only includes the sales generated during the staging of the fair. It has also contributed much to job generation in the countryside.

For this year alone, OKB-Gayon Bicol earned total sales of PhP17.015M, the highest sales so far in the history of OKB. This is considered to be remarkable since sales jumped up by 70% of our target, first time that happened,  also in the history of OKB.

It is worth mentioning that we have developed a world-class packaging of our processed food products which are now more competitive and thus, reached as far as the United States of America for its market. DTI also endeavors to support MSMEs in areas of product development by tapping the services of local designers to assist OKB participants in developing new designs for their handcrafted products.

OKB partners and sponsors

To keep pace with the changing times, DTI Region V had been tapping both the private and public sector as its partners.  The fair, being an example of a public-private partnership had the OKB Association for its private sector partner.   Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last September 15, 2006, this association will eventually become the frontrunners of OKB Regional Trade Fair in the next years, although DTI will still be very much around to support this activity.

The officers and members of the organization together with DTI are working synergistically to continually improve Bicol products despite difficult times.  The organization is still open to other MSMEs who are willing to be members and avail of the benefits derived from the association.

From 2007 to 2009, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has become a partner of the DTI.  It was just last year that DOT was not able to partner with DTI due to lack of funds.  This year, the tandem is back and it showed   that the tandem really works with the sales which the fair earned.  Tourist destinations and the rich cultural heritage of Bicolandia were highlighted which indeed brought to the fore the beauty and bounty of the region.  With this tandem, “OKB back to back with Gayon Bikol” has drawn a lot of people to the fair and brought in excellent sales.

We also mention the ever undying support of our sponsors, the PhilExport, the Local Government Units (LGUs) other Line Departments and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and the Rural Micro Enterprise Promotion Program (RuMEPP).

Much remains to be done

Much still has to be done for Bicol to move steadily forward on the road to progress. ‘A continuing partnership of all concerned sectors is much needed. It is heartening to note that our partners in development have taken worthy steps to strengthen the collaboration. As the partnership moves toward more substantial outcomes, we remain optimistic that the gains of our Orgullo will remain to be our pride, the tradition continues and our heritage goes on.

Mabuhay an OKB!

by: Bhem R. Berango, PIO, DTI-Region 5

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