Trade and Business Mission to USA to be held in August 2011

The DTI-5 has initiated a series of business development programs for OK Bikol (OKB) Association’s pilinut sector. These aim to continually empower the key players’ entrepreneurial capability and generate business opportunities along the process.

With the pilinut’s unique and interesting properties, and its timely growing market appreciation as a healthy snack nut, these series of programs helped propel the product’s entrance into the export market.

DTI-5 embarked on a market-focused approach for its current third series, with USA as the first target market, owing to a substantial captive Filipino market segment and the familiarity on the pilinut of the US-based importers of Philippine products.

The series started with a market reconnaissance activity in 2009, which aimed to assess the market potentials for the pilinut, and a market survey in May 2010 by a US-based market analyst firm, an interactive process of market research that provides data and consumer acceptance information on the various snack variants of the pili nut.

As such, the DTI-5 continues with its quest to position the pilinut in the US market though the project PILINUT: Trade and Business Mission to the US – a knowledge- and market-based interaction of Region 5’s core pilinut processors and exporters with US buyers, importers and consumers. Scheduled on 14-24 August 2011, the project includes a complementing variety of business activities in San Francisco, New York and participation in the 13th Philippine Fiesta
in America in New Jersey (21-22 August 2011).

This project aims to implement and achieve an export business optimization program for the Philippine pilinut based on substantive market research, thereby positioning the pilinut appropriately as a premium nut in the export market.

The US, being a mature “nut’ market, is considered a prime target market for pilinut with its various trade avenues and immense, diverse, adventurous and benefits-conscious consumer population, including the captive Filipino niche, now a significant and fast-growing market with a buying power estimated at US$52 billion annually.

Thus, this project is considered a valuable tool to contribute to the region’s pilinut master development plan for market expansion and job generation.

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